20th Anniversary Service

Providence Christian School celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday 16th November with a Thanksgiving Service in the Associated Presbyterian Church building. Over 70 people, representing more than seven different denominations, gathered together to give thanks to God for His provision for the School since 1999. The service was conducted by Rev. Graeme Craig, a longstanding Board member, who preached on the appropriate theme: “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” The sermon brought an excellent reminder of God’s care through thick and thin, and encouraged all to look expectantly to the Lord for the future development of the School.

After the service, supporters enjoyed a time of fellowship over refreshments, including a special anniversary cake, and were able to take a trip down memory lane by looking at a display of photos through the years. The event had past, current, and prospective parents in attendance and many remarked on how special the day was. Some of the younger children were eagerly looking forward to starting school. With the Board considering expanding in due course to include early years and secondary provision, an Anniversary Appeal was launched, encouraging supporters to give £20 per month to help increase its regular income as it begins the next 20 years.

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