An Inside View

Do you wonder what Providence Christian School is like? We asked one of our classroom assistants to give us some insights.

What is a Christian School?

Providence Christian School is like a small family where children are cared for and taught all the subjects you would have in any school including leisure subjects. The difference is that these subjects are taught from a Christian perspective. Children are taught that they were created by God and are accountable to Him and that obedience and respect should characterise them. The children’s behaviour and the building of Christian character is moulded on lessons taken from God’s Word. This gives children a grid on which to base how they deal with their peers, their parents, their elders and their superiors. They are also taught that they are valuable members of society where their chief purpose in life is to glorify God and to serve Him and their generation and that their education is to equip them for making a contribution to their own society when they are grown up.

What is it like to work there?

Teaching or assisting the teacher in the Christian School has many rewards. The working environment is relaxed but controlled. You get to know the children on a one-to-one basis and they get to know you and trust you. As children come to the school from different areas and different backgrounds they get to know different parts of the island outwith their immediate home and church area. A smaller school also has its advantages in that the children get individual attention and they are allowed to progress at their own pace whilst encouraging them to attain their potential. They are discouraged from disparaging other children’s efforts but rather encouraged to help them whenever they need it without making judgments on their inabilities. This is not only in the academic subjects but also in leisure activities and in the playground. It is very pleasing to see these children work together and help one another.

Should you consider a Christian School?

In my opinion, it is a definite YES. The national education system at present is, in my opinion, so geared that it will harm children, even in their early years. Children are being more and more exposed to an atheistic outlook on life. They are being encouraged to be more self assertive and to believe that what they think and want is what is important. That is why we have so many disobedient and rebellious children in our society. This is what happens when God is removed from the school curriculum or put on an equal footing with other religions. Do Christian parents really want to hand over their children to this kind of education? I should hope not. Surely Christian education is what they would wish for their offspring. When such education is available surely parents ought to be willing to deny themselves luxuries in order to ensure they give their children the best education they can. Jonathan Edwards’ wife educated her large family so well that the American continent benefitted from the results. A good Christian education makes those who receive it stronger and better members of society not weaker and poorer ones.

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