Learning Carries On

As with all other local primaries, Providence Christian School has had to adapt to the threat from Coronavirus, in order to continue to provide the biblical education that our school is known for. In short order our staff team put together a very manageable and productive alternative to traditional lessons for learning from home.

Trialled for a week before the Spring break, and now in full swing, the pupils all had individual learning packs prepared for them and sent to their homes. This pack includes all the needed information, worksheets and outlines for the children to access each day. Lessons begin at nine with the now-famous Joe Wicks exercise regime, and then move on Bible, maths and language. During the course of the morning the staff ‘drop-in’ for a “Zoom” teleconference visit to each pupil for 30 minutes of every school day. This allows them to check on past work, lay out new learning goals, and catch up on their news! Each Friday we have an ‘Assembly’ - without actually assembling of course! This gives time for a brief Bible lesson to be drawn from the week, and when that is completed, the children all enjoy catching up with their pals.

Headteacher, Mark Musty, said, “This has been a great challenge for us all at PCS, but the teamwork between parents, staff and pupils, is allowing us to provide some imaginative and productive schooling, that remains true to the core values of a Christian education.”

One of the parents commented, “We were all quite nervous at first, and unsure if we would cope with the new timetable, but it is all going so well. The kids are really missing their friends, but the chance to catch up each week is great.”

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